Amit Panchal

Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer with over twelve years of experience. I started my first job when I was a student of Multimedia & Animation in 2012. I have worked for many start-ups and multi-national companies such as Liberty Shoes Ltd., Relaxo Footwears Ltd., Action Shoes Ltd., and Sai Guruji Interior & Adv. Co. and handled many areas related to graphic design and branding. I fell in love with Graphic Design during my fine art course. Because I had some innate ability in drawing, I became good at creating sketch, Illustrations, posters, and ads by hand in much less time. I started learning Graphic Design during the course and my thirst for more has never let me settled. My love with it has rather gone up. I love finding new ways to solve my clients’ problems. I always love finding new ways to solve my clients’ problems. The things that keep me pushing forward and going deep into my field are the appreciation I get and the longing they develop with what I create for them. I often see them using my designs years after I created them. I feel great when my clients prefer waiting instead of leaving when sometimes I had to say no to them because I am too occupied. I get to know Mr. Paras through one of my friend who worked near where he was working. I needed some help for my website. I was pleased with how to helped me to get though my problem. We started conversing and with time we developed strong bonding. Now, we assist each other in our projects.