Maninder Pal Singh

Web Designer

Nine years earlier, I started my journey as a web designer. While doing my job, I never considered it just a job; I was driven by the desire to work, learn, and grow. Everything I did, I did it wholeheartedly. I often stayed late in the office doing way more than they expected. My boss was very happy for what I was doing for the company, but my colleagues were uncomfortable. They thought, I was trying too hard to impress the boss. But deep down, I knew my real intentions—learning and growing as fast as I can. I never bothered explaining anything to anybody. After three years into the job, my boss offered me to deal with clients directly and promoted me as team leader. It was the turning point of my life. In every project I undertook, I focused on deeply understanding and meeting the clients’ needs. Many times, I spent hours conversing, attentively listening, and offering guidance to my clients. Each project I worked on concluded with utmost satisfaction, often accompanied by bonuses. Six years after my job, I started freelancing. I faced many challenges at start, but soon it became streamlined. After sometime into my freelance journey I joined Mr. Paras in his endeavor to build some great products. We became friends during our training. We think deep and do long and fruitful discussions for making decisions about our projects. In my free time, I also like to do investing.