Paras Ralhan

Owner • Developer & Designer

By my formal education, I am a mechanical engineer. After working for over five years for central government PSU, at twenty-eight, I stepped into this field as a complete beginner. The one belief that moved me into IT field was: “You can earn independently and from anywhere with little financial investment. A decent computer with an internet connection is just you need.” I began my journey by enrolling in a local institute. In six months, I got my basics cleared and left the institute. For next one year, I was in front of computer, morning to night, reading about programming and practicing it. After sometime in this routine, I discovered that the only way to become an expert software developer—a deep desire in my heart—is not to go after tips-and-tricks, but learn everything systematically and deeply. Books and courses, I found, and still believe, are the best guide to such learning.  I read, I heard, I practiced. I am following this routine for last ten years at least seven hours a day. I acquired comprehensive knowledge on how to develop, maintain, and scale a software and how to keep it under control no matter how large it becomes.

Gradually, I came to know that one thing of supreme importance got missed—Design. Design is not only about aesthetics; it’s about doing all the thinking and bearing all the pain—while creating a product—so your users don’t have to—while using it. I put equal effort in learning how to design products that are not only visually pleasing but are most sensible, most convenient, and least painful to their users. Designing such products is hard, that’s why they are rare.