Organize Fields

Organize with Headings

Headings can be used to group similar fields together. This is the most basic organization tool available—both in Free & Premium version.

Organize with Field Groups

Field Groups are beautiful containers that hold similar fields together. These groups can be disabled, deleted, or duplicated with just one click. Fields Groups are available only in Premium version.

Organize with Tabs

Creating Tabs in ECF is a no-brainer. It’s the most compact way to hold any number of fields in as many groups as you like. ECF offers the most easiest way to create and manage fields in tabs. Each tab can be disabled or deleted easily. You can also reorder tabs, reorder fields inside tabs, and reorder fields across tabs. Tabs are available only in Premium version.

Organize with Accordions

Accordions are similar to Tabs but presented differently—if you don’t like Tabs. Tabs and Accordions can be interchanged at any time—just change the field-type. All featues available to Tabs are also available to Accordions. Accordions are available only in Premium Version.

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