For helping you to gain confidence before deciding to purchase our Premium Plugin, we created Free Version of our plugin that you can download from WordPress at Because Effortless Custom Fields Premium is a downloadable product, issuing refund is difficult but not entirely impossible.

If you come up with a solid reason, for example: you found a bug in our Premium Plugin that is preventing you to do your job. You asked to resolve it and we ignored your request or are not able to resolve it.

You can request for refund through our contact form. Please mention the reason thoroughly. If we found your request genuine, we’ll try to refund your remaining amount (Prorated amount) based on how far is the expiration date.

Before issuing refund, however, we need to revoke your license keys immediately, and deactivate the license on all your sites. For this, you have to share your account username (or email) and password with us—you have to trust us for that. We’ll deactivate plugin on all your sites. Test whether the deactivation is happening.

Then you have to give us a written consent that you’ll never share the downloaded premium plugin files with anybody.