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Most Custom Field plugins for WordPress have some serious problems. Managing and organizing fields in them is a big challenge. Not much attention is paid to fields’ design. We are forced to wait frequently—in unwanted ajax calls and page loads. Frontend use often require us to refer documentation, and documentation is usually so big that we struggle to find the solution.

Effortless Custom Fields (ECF) is an answer to all such problems. It empowers you to create, manage, and organize your custom fields with almost zero effort. Fields’ design is kept super clean and beautiful; your clients will love it. Your time is valuable, so there are no unnecessary ajax calls and page loads. Designed such that in just few minutes of use, you’ll not only learn it but become confident in it—all by yourself.

1Super simple and clean interface

Most software we use today are complex. Software become complex when creators don’t do the hard work to keep it simple. It’s extremely hard to build something that enable you to solve your difficult problems effortlessly. Effortless Custom Fields is the result of years of our knowledge, experience, and deep desire to create something that you can’t live without. You’ll feel our care for you right on your first interaction with it.

2Every interaction communicates

Whenever you interact with it, it will make you understand everything that’s happening. Everything feels natural, smooth, and fluid—no jerk. When you start using it, you will feel the need for such communication in every software that you use.

3Excellent performance

Effortless Custom Fields builder is a single page app. Once loaded, everything happens instantly. Even the ajax calls are kept to minimum—only used where pre-data loading is costly or when there are no other options. You’ll never have to wait for any unwanted ajax calls or page loads.

4Only one function : effcf_get

This is the only function you need to get the field value in the frontend. If a single function can handle it, why to offer more. Offering more functions lead to more confusion, more complexity, and more effort—exact opposite of our core values. How big deal it can be to learn using just one function. Even for learning this, you don’t need to go anywhere else; code is provided where you create the field itself.

5Fields are kept separate for each location

Fields management is not a pain anymore. In ECF, you have one place to create or manage fields for one location (let’s say post type = post) and a completely separate place for another location (post type = page), and so on. No field sharing accross locations—direct one to one mapping. Everything neatly organized. No matter how many fields you need to manage for each location, you’ll do it with ease and confidence.

6Short and simple documentation

In a race to give more features than their competitors, companies end up making softwares so complex that at most times user struggles. Instead of putting efforts on design and ease of use, they try to explain everything in documentation. But ECF is different. It won’t require you to refer documentation often—everything is clear and obvious. Documentation is, however, created for ECF but is kept super simple and small. It only covers things that are not obvious.

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