Who we are

We are a small group of smart people joined to bring some meaningful change in some part of your life. Being small is fundamental to us; small keeps things simple, and communication clear and effective. Everybody is there to serve a purpose. Each one has distinctive ways to look at things, and these unique perspectives help us evaluate our decisions from many angles.

The Thread

One common thread connecting all of us firmly is our attitude towards learning. For us, learning is never complete; there are always more gems to be discovered. We consider a day worth lived if we succeeded in moving the needle of our knowledge and experience a little forward.

Not everybody in our team learns the same way. If someone likes reading books, other is fond of watching videos. If someone learns by observing and analyzing, other loves following experts. This step-by-step growth, every single day, has done many wonders in our lives.

The Principle

The one principle that everyone in our team follows is:

“Tips and tricks can take you so far; building something great require you to know the core of every subject involved.”

Anything that is admired is not created by chance; it was created by those who understand the things from the root, could anticipate the implications, and explain reasons behind every decision they took. The curiosity of knowing every little detail about everything related to our field made us confident and clear in taking decisions required to build great products.

Any decent sized software involves hundreds or even thousands of decisions from start to finish. And creating a solution that is most natural to its users is a far bigger challenge. Without understanding things in depth, a product created brings more worries than gains. One wrong decision carried for long is enough to doom the product. Software development is such a delicate process.

The Bonding

We love, trust, and respect each other for devotion we put in our crafts. But all these things never come in our way to say what we actually feel when our feedback is sought. Respect and love for each other gets even stronger with such attitude. This purity of our responses brings far better results than attainable otherwise.

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