Why we exist

We exist to create some of the most sensible, most convenient, heart touching, and rarely seen products in the market. This is not a mere statement; these are the things we are mad about.

For past ten years, we are preparing ourselves by learning every how and why needed for creating such products. They need a whole different level of passion, energy, knowledge, experience, and patience. They also need an eye and a mind able to see through the things that are almost invisible to an untrained eye. A mix of these qualities help us make well informed decisions with confidence and clarity.

The one thing that keep us moving relentlessly in achieving our goal is:

How could we create something as wonderful that could touch your heart and earn your love for improving a small part of your life.

Most software creators say that their product is easy to use. Yes, every product looks easy to its creators—as they develop an intimacy with it—but does it look that easy to others who are using it first time? Seeing everything at every stage of product development from users’ point of view is a skill that is way more difficult to develop than it may seem. Only few creators think about developing it.

Nothing is more important to us than making your life as convenient as it can be for the problem we solve. We understand the importance of creating products with almost zero learning—in a world where most other products eat much of your time and energy in just learning to use them correctly. The frustration they bring can’t be overstated. We put insane amount of effort in discovering the solution that demand least amount of effort on your part—in every respect.

Now, you can boast anything about yourself. Boasting is not difficult. Difference comes in delivery. Does what you deliver justify what you say? That’s why before saying anything about ourselves we created our first product Effortless Custom Fields so you can verify for yourself how much what we are saying is true.

We strongly believe that our product will surely touch your heart. We promise that you will be surprised by how easy and convenient it can be to create and manage your custom fields. It will make your life super easy.

We desperately wait for your feedback and comments about how you feel about it. Nothing excites us more than listening to your true feelings about it. We did everything in our capacity to create the best ever product for creating custom fields. But nobody is perfect. There always remains a distance to be covered and it won’t be possible without you.

Please share your feedback and comments to help us see and understand things more clearly. It would enhance our decision-making ability and help us improve it even further.

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