Changing the field key

Changing the field key of a field require you to update the respective code—in your files—that is used to get the data stored in that field.

If you do not update the code, you still keep getting the data you stored against the “old field key.” But when you create any new content, any data you put in that field—now using new field key—will not come out of your code because the code is using the “old field key.” The new data can only be accessed with “new field key.”

If you update the code, you again keep getting the data you stored against the “old field key”—in both front- and back-end. This is a great convenience to have. It allows you to change your field key to any value, any time, that suits you better. It’s made possible by storing the field data against two keys:

  1. field key (user accessible).
  2. field id (inaccessible to user).

If “field key” is changed, the data stored against the “field id” is retured when your code starts using “new field key.”

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